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this is where you will find out first hand about everything that is happening at the Badger pub in Brockwell. Please subscribe to our web feed for updates by clicking on the little Orange Icon above.

By daveboot, Aug 16 2014 08:22PM

Well what can we say apart from a huge, huge thank you to everyone who turned out to support our Fun Day on August the 9th. The weather was kind and we certainly got the feeling that everyone enjoyed themselves. We have updated our Fun Day Page ( with the charities and the received donations - the charities involved are very thankful for your generous contributions.

We have also passed the closure date for the return of our questionnaires, we have had quite a lot of responses, we thank the people that not only took the time to complete the forms, but also to return them to us. We can only improve if we have constructive feedback (both positive and negative) and what you want from your local.... only one returned questionnaire seemed to miss the point and their opportunity to provide anything constructive, which was a shame. We are listening, and over the next few weeks we will begin our first set of changes based on the most popular requests made.

We will also publish the findings on this web page along with the common comments that were added to the form. We will also provide our interpretation of the responses and our plans to address them - some of them (such as Sky Sports) we have already put in place.

Once again, sincere thanks from the management team for your support.

One last thing - please note that we have a great local singer on at the Badger on the 30th August (see the Upcoming Events page), its going to be a great night! We plan more live music in the coming weeks.

By daveboot, Aug 2 2014 03:28PM

Check out our Fun Day Page ( for all events happening on Saturday the 9th August. Hope to see you there!

By daveboot, Jul 23 2014 07:20PM

The response to the questionnaire that was posted around the neighbourhood has been completely staggering. Many thanks to the dozens that have so far returned completed questionnaires with your positive suggestions to what we should be focusing on. We will post the findings on here in the coming weeks!

We are putting together our details for the Fun Day\Grand Opening Day on Saturday 9th August - a new page will appear on this web site soon with full details. The time will run from 2pm until 9pm, and we will be having live bands, charity events for local concerns and lots of fun family activities - we really hope to see you there!

We are bringing back Sky Sports to the Badger in time for the start of August! We have listened to people in the bar and seen the response for Sky Sports from the Questionnaires, and we will be getting Sky Sports back in.

Finally, Cask Ales are being served.... Doom Bar has been going down a treat since it was offered this weekend, so much so that next week we will not only have this Cask Ale, but we will also be serving Bradfield's Farmers Blonde. If you are unsure about them, ask Nige, Jayne or Kelly for a sample! More details of them can be found at and


By daveboot, Jul 15 2014 04:00PM

...but there is such a thing as a Free Drink!

Yes, now we have your attention.... the distribution of The Badger Questionnaire and Letter is being circulated around the local neighbourhood of Brockwell. Please don't discard this, it's important that we have your feedback from local residents (and regulars from outside the local area) and as a thank you for filling in the questionnaire and dropping it off at the bar, you will be entitled to a free drink of your choice (make sure you bring completed voucher!). Vouchers only accepted with a fully completed questionnaire. T&C's apply (see voucher for details) and vouchers are valid from 18th July to 8th August 2014.

OK, so you have to fill in a questionnaire to get a free drink....but it will only take you a minute to complete.


By daveboot, Jul 9 2014 08:03AM

Hello and welcome to the Badger Blog - here the aim is simple....we will update you on everything that is happening at the Badger Pub behind the scenes and what’s being planned.

The sad news is that latest figures show that there are 4 pubs being shut PER DAY ( ) with many of these being turned into convenience stores or simply being boarded up and left to rot before eventually being demolished to create new properties.

No doubt you have heard of the sad plight of the Crispin on Ashgate Road ( being turned into a Tesco Convenience Store. To prevent this happening to the Badger, a consortium of 5 Brockwell residents have put their money where their mouth is to add stability to the pub with a no tolerance stance on drugs and anti-social behaviour.

The new management are very interested in your input, so please speak to us on any concerns or ideas – be involved. There are a number of ways you can get in touch...we prefer you to come into the pub, but you can always phone, email or respond via social media (or indeed this blog). Shortly we will be hand delivering questionnaires to properties in the local community to invite feedback - please look out for these in the coming days.

Stay tuned to this section for regular updates on special offers, events and changes - there's a lot to come!!

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